Our first issue: November 2016


Elizabeth Robinson Wiley, Creator, Editor, publisher

Jasmine DeFreitas, Columnist

Heather Zadra, Columnist

Cherise Cardin, Photographer

Joe Wiley, Copy-Editor


a magazine and website dedicated to authentic life in the wild and remote west

Home on the Rangely is a magazine dedicated to the culture, events, businesses and history of a certain tiny town situated on the high desert range in the northwest corner of Colorado. We are Rangely’s first monthly magazine & advertising venue created by, for, and about our community, businesses, and citizens.
We aim to keep our community informed, offer a community calendar, display beautiful art & photography by local photographers, and present engaging content about events, businesses, local lore, and history. Please give us grace as we stumble through these first issues; we are learning as we go, and I invite you on the journey....We’d love your contributions, photos, ideas, stories, anything you have to offer! Please correct us, gently, when we’re wrong, and we’ll gladly make corrections and bring to light other perspectives. We want to tell all of our stories--the old and the new. Our only aim is to celebrate and honor our humble, yet marvelous, Home on the Range...ly.
Owned, edited and published by Elizabeth Robinson Studio Llc., working with a dedicated team of local business owners and community contributors, the magazine aims to be beautiful, original, entertaining, celebratory, and informative.


Current & Proposed Content Areas

County Character (stories about a specific person/s or quality)
Mind Your Own Business (Business Spotlight)
Community Calendar (everything that’s happening in Northwest Colorado)
Story Time (contributions from our community)
Happening (something notable that’s recently happened/happening)
Portal to the Past (investigations into Rangely's unique past, from prehistory to the present)
Carving out the Future (features about programs, events, etc. that are forming our future generation.)
Soul Searching (news and wisdom from our local houses of worship, with schedule and
   contact info for all)
Non-Profit News (what’s happening with our charitable non-profits)