About Home on the Rangely

Home on the Rangely is Rangely’s first monthly magazine & advertising venue created by, and for, our community and it’s citizens.

Published in the last half of the month and direct mailed to all mailing addresses in Rangely and Dinosaur, it will reach our entire local population, providing critical information, a community calendar, beautiful photography by local photographers, and engaging content about local happenings, business spotlights, stories from locals, and local history.

The magazine will also be distributed to key locations in Meeker, Dinosaur, Craig, Vernal and Grand Junction, where it will serve as an advertising piece for the Town of Rangely itself.

Owned, edited and published by Elizabeth Robinson Studio, working with a dedicated team of local business owners and community contributors, the magazine is beautiful, original, effective and important to our community and our economic goals.

Who We Serve

Our Community:

Content will be by, for, and about our Rangely citizens with a direct mailing to our whole community, as well as placement at strategic locations in town. With informative and interesting content, including a community calendar and information on local issues, it will consolidate useful information into an attractive publication that won’t get lost in the clutter.

Most importantly, besides providing a consolidated source of information sharing, a fun read, and a creative and original publication, it will promote a greater sense of community pride for both recent residents and long established families alike, as well as help new employees and residents moving to town become acquainted with the unique place we call home.

Our Businesses:

The magazine itself creates local jobs and fosters entrepreneurship, as well as supporting the Rangely community and its economy.  For the first year the advertising rates will be the same as the Rangely Utility Bill Insert- which has been an extremely effective and affordable outlet for our local independent businesses and startups, allowing us to upgrade and increase the effectiveness, and provide broader distribution, without adding additional stress to our local businesses during these difficult economic times. Additionally, a monthly ‘Business Spotlight’ will feature a local business, telling the stories of our local entrepreneurs, and Sponsoring and Supporting advertisers will have the chance to put their name on a variety of content areas, showing their support for our communities civic and economic health.

Our Visitors:

Home on the Rangely will be available be available to visitors locally and regionally at strategic locations in both in and out of town. With informative and interesting content such as ‘Business Spotlight,’ ‘County Character,’ and ‘History Mystery,’ as well as a feature article, it will help visitors to the Western Slope become acquainted with, and charmed by, our lovely little community. The attractiveness of the magazine and its content has the potential to draw visitors our direction from regional locations. The magazine works in conjunction with the website, which will have access to information about local resources and information.

Economic Development:

All of the above has the added benefit of fitting in seamlessly with many of our Town’s current economic development initiatives by encouraging more visitor traffic and in general creating a reputation on the Western Slope of Rangely being a coveted community to both visit and live in.

First Issue of Home on the Rangely, November 2016

First Issue of Home on the Rangely, November 2016