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We have limited openings for Sponsoring and Supporting Advertisers, and Content Sponsors for 2018!*

what you Need to Know about Sponsoring or advertising in
Home on the Rangely!

You are family. We care about our advertisers. A lot. And we work really hard for you! You make it possible to bring this publication to print and to make a difference our local, regional, and national audience by preserving history, supporting our community, and helping visitors feel at home.

Because we are a creative startup, with a small staff and a shoestring budget, our current  model focuses on fewer advertisers, with multiple month commitments, to allow us to focus our time and energy on the highest quality content and give our founders, sponsors, and advertisers the most attention.

Currently we are publishing the magazine as a journal, with Volumes and Issues numbered and dated seasonally. Going forward we will aim to publish 6-8 theme centered issues a year. For now, our publishing schedule is variable, depending on how production goes- we emphasize quality over quantity. Our advertisers are kept in the loop about publication dates to allow for time specific ads.

We have limited advertising space, available on a first come first served basis.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Please inquire about availability for single ads or special discounts for Independent Small Businesses.

We also appreciate donations and contributions of any kind. Thank you for your support!