It's exciting!

It's exciting! Finally, after well over a year of preparation and planning, the very first issue of Home on the Rangely will be headed to the printer. We are so excited to feature some fantastic content- all by, for, and about Rangely and Rio Blanco County, and to show off the amazing businesses and organizations in our community that have signed up on the front end to help fund this special resource for our community, businesses, and visitors.

It takes a special kind of person to be part of starting something new and help realize a unique vision. It's not easy, and it's for everybody, but if it's you, I'd like to encourage you to jump on board now and be part of the very first issue of Home on the Rangely!. I'm especially looking for advertisers or anyone who wants to share their info, to subscribe to a year of advertising- paid in monthly installments. This will provide the fiscal foundation that will help determine the number of pages and copies to print, and allow my team and I to spend more time developing content and less time selling ads. Besides helping to provide that consistency and stability, YOU get the recognition you deserve, and some perks, for taking the leap to help create something special instead of waiting to see what happens.

Each customer subscribing to 12 months of ads by November 20 will receive:

  • Recognition on all your ads as a Founding Advertiser, as well as a THANK YOU page thanking our Founding Advertisers and featuring your business name and logo, or just your name, in our first issue and on the website.
  • Our current low advertising rates and discounts locked in permanently for the ad size you pick, and smaller, for as long as you renew your subscription annually for 6-12 months.
  • A CHANCE TO WIN a one-page SPOTLIGHT in the January issue free of charge!
  • An individual consultation and marketing plan for the year, including help and advice with content, messaging and photography taking the pain, and time, out of getting your news out!
  • A custom layout each month, created according to the specifications of your company's Style Guide or designed in house.
  • A digital copy of your layout to use in emails and social media.

Click Here NOW to subscribe for a year of ads or content in Home on the Rangely and be represented, and recognized, in the inaugural issue!

By the way, if you're interested in being a SPONSORING or SUPPORTING advertisor, OR if you can't, or don't want to, subscribe to ads for a year, check out our other options HERE.


Created for, and by, the Rangely Community and brought to you by Elizabeth Robinson Studio

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