Opportunities to Advertise

Over the past years, I've developed the Rangely Utility Bill Insert - a simple advertising insert inserted into the Town of Rangely's utility bill into a valuable resource for businesses, organizations, and our community. Observing its positive impact in improving communication and promoting small business in Rangely has inspired me to grow this simple ad insert into a unique publication for Rangely and the surrounding region while offering advertisers an upgraded publication with greater distribution.

Starting this month, I will be transitioning the Ad Insert into a larger publication- a full-color magazine called Home on the Rangely which will celebrate and honor our lovely little community The amazing thing is, thanks to a small but mighty group of Sponsoring and Supporting Advertisers, I will be able to launch the magazine without raising ad prices. To be included in the INAUGURAL ISSUE, please contact me this week to place your ad or reserve content!

Here's what you need to know:

  • All ads, notices, or paid content will be in full color and the current 'Ad Insert' distribution will double, and increase over the coming year.
  • You don't have to be a business or organization to take advantage of this opportunity! Subscribe for a small ad to send a positive message, celebrate anniversaries or loved ones, or whatever!
  • Home on the Rangely will be mailed to all addresses in Rangely and Dinosaur and will be available at strategic locations in Vernal, Dinosaur, Craig, Meeker and Grand Junction. As we grow, distribution will expand to Steamboat, Rifle, and beyond, including mailing to Meeker addresses.
  • The magazine will have an active, fully marketed website which will include digital publications of current and past issues, a daily blog from community contributors from all sectors, a community calendar, feature advertisers and more!
  • The magazine will feature regular content areas such as Community Calendar, County Character, Business Spotlight, Non-Profit News, Feature Article and more!
  • Paid subscriptions are available to out of town addresses wishing to receive the print issue- people are already subscribing!
  • The magazine will serve both local residents and visitors alike, serving as a source of current activities, and as a marketing piece for our region!
  • Home on the Rangely will appear in mailboxes during the last week of the month.

Each customer subscribing to 12 months of ads by November 20 will receive:

  • Our current low advertising rates and discounts locked in permanently for the ad size you pick, and smaller, for as long as you renew your subscription annually for 6-12 months.
  • A CHANCE TO WIN a one-page SPOTLIGHT in the December issue free of charge!
  • An individual consultation and marketing plan for the year, including help and advice with content, messaging and photography.
  • A custom layout each month, created according to the specifications of your company's Style Guide or designed in house.
  • A digital copy of your layout to use in emails and social media.

Click Here NOW to subscribe for a year of ads or content in Home on the Rangely!