It's not just me excited by the launch of Home on the Rangely!

Thank you to the community leaders and supporters who have supported the project in word and deed!

"I believe Home on the Rangely magazine will be a great benefit for the community, the businesses, and the college.  The connection between these three groups is important, and I know that this magazine will provide that connection.  CNCC supports this project and plans to work with the magazine by providing the information we can to highlight the great things that are going on in our community and at the college.  I look forward to a great relationship and hope that others throughout the community will be very supportive of what you are doing."
Ron Granger, President
Colorado Northwestern Community College

"I think this Home on the Rangely magazine is a great idea, I’ve been a supporter of the project since Beth Wiley first shared it with me over a month ago and have been encouraging local groups and businesses to get on board. I think it fills an important gap in communication in the community and will show Rangely off to the rest of the state in a positive light. As someone who works in the oil and gas industry, I think profiling an oil and gas powered community could help with advocacy with some of the statewide legislation coming down the line- help correct some of the misunderstandings and help them see our communities as real people. I also think, as a member of the RE4 School Board and Rangely Junior College District Board that this is a great way to connect the different areas of the town and let everybody know what’s going on. I think we also need a more effective way for businesses to get the word out locally and around the area, especially if we are looking to bring new industries into town and attract more visitors.
Thank you"
Sam Tolley, Alliance Energy

“Thank you Beth, for bringing us the Home on the Rangely magazine!  An incredibly  creative idea that will help our community in a huge way; both with intercommunications between town organizations and for building our economy through the advertising our Town to sportsman, vacationers, and travelers alike.   Rangely has so much to offer those living here and for those traveling here.   I see The Home on the Rangely magazine as one of the best ways one can support our community – it is truly a gift to our community!”
Lisa Hatch, Rangely Town Council

"First, I’d like to offer my congratulations and best wishes to Elizabeth Wiley on the inaugural issue of this new magazine. Second, we at the Herald Times look forward to collaborating in the future.

Why, you might ask, would the county’s sole newspaper want to work together with a magazine that’s going to be competing for the same advertising dollars from local businesses? The answer is simple: a newspaper is not a magazine and a magazine is not a newspaper.

These are two different entities with two separate purposes. We have different distribution plans, different target markets for readers, different printing schedules, and different content.

What we have in common is a desire to help our local businesses increase their potential to reach new customers and to hold on to existing ones.

In the months to come, we hope to offer some enticing advertising packages for businesses who haven’t been advertising in the newspaper but would like to, or businesses who regularly advertise in the newspaper and want to get into the magazine.

Now for a little bit of history…
I went downstairs and pulled out the oldest bindery copy we have from Rangely. The Rangely Driller debuted on Sept. 29, 1949, published by Mort Lahman and Chuck Baker. The weekly paper covered Artesia (now Dinosaur), Rangely and the Rangely Oil Basin and came with a policy statement: To cover all the news of our circulation area without bias; to advance the common interests of the Rangely Oil Basin communities; to inform, to entertain and when possible, to amuse; to publish a crackin’ good newspaper by anybody’s standards.

I’d say those early publishers of the Driller had much the same vision for their publication as we have here at the Herald Times, and what Elizabeth foresees for Home on the Rangely."
Niki Turner, Owner & Editor, Rangely / Meeker Herald Times

"Tonight is the Rio Blanco Historical Society Meeting in Meeker and my first official time representing the Rangely end of the County to start that process of preserving history and obtaining funding for those projects.  All of this was made possible because of Elizabeth taking the time to keep our community informed on happenings not only in Rangely but the county etc.  Becoming part of the Rio Blanco Historical Society has opened so many opportunities for me to pursue historical preservation in the Rangely area.  I would have never been informed about the Colorado Historical Society Roundtable if not for Elizabeth.

I appreciate the fact that we have an individual in our town that is willing to take it upon herself to keep information and communication flowing between individuals and entities in our town.  I am a strong supporter fo Elizabeth's idea for a magazine that will keep everyone informed.  I have now begun to work with the Colorado Historical Society and the Rio Blanco Historical Society that has the funding and the knowledge to assist me in achieving so many projects for this town.

Thank you Elizabeth Wiley.  I support your local magazine."
Gaila Hatch Bell, CommunityAdvocate and Organizer