Elk Crossing the River

If you live on the Western Slope of Colorado, there's a more than fair chance that you will see wildlife, and more than likely Elk grazing in the wild and remote westHome on the Range (ly) - a journal of historic and contemporary life in the wild and remote west- sees wildlife from a casual drive through town (Mule Deer love to come visit our backyards here!) to a long drive through Douglas pass, and of course, down by the water all year round. One of our photographers spotted this herd wandering through the fields. Here's a shot for your viewing pleasure, just watch for them on the road too!

No peek of blaze orange to be seen in this shot as the elk cross the river behind the lake. The Elk move down from the mountains in small groups such as this one, working their way to the area where they will bide their winter, dodging hunters in later seasons and when the season has died down, surviving the snow and cold that will whip through the area. 


Photo by Margaret Slaugh