Scenic Mountain Drive Over Douglas Pass

The wild and remote west of Colorado is home to red rocks, elk and deer, and beautiful sights. All across the Western Slope we have sights from Rifle Falls, Pintado Canyon and we often drive over Douglas Pass whether it is hunting season or to get supplies. We are surrounded by so much beauty we don't always stop and take a look at what the wild and remote west has to offer. 

Margaret Slaugh took the opportunity not to long ago to take these amazing shots of her leisurely drive over the mountain. Snow capped but still green, these photos remind us to slow down and take a look at nature's offerings. Douglas Pass provides ample hunting ground for elk and deer but you'll be in for a hike!

Elk Sightings Along the Way

Brilliant hued reds, yellows, and shades of green make for a view of the wild that illuminates the beauty of the wild and remote mountain pass. Elk come down to eat, enjoying the late growth of the year. 

Brilliant Hues and Views

Decorating the pass flora of brilliant oranges give you reason to slow down as the switchbacks up and down the mountain come into view. There are several stop offs for views and hikes, so grab your gear and some water and adventure into the wild for views you won't find elsewhere. 

Low Clouds and Valleys

While driving, if you are extra lucky, the clouds will float down (but not enough to obscure driving or the view!) and give you a feeling straight out of Avalon. The valleys are straight out of a fairytale, and to think you only have to trail into Douglas Pass out here in the wild and remote west. Don't forget to take your own shots of the valley below to share with jealous friends. 

Once you make it over the pass and through the valley the fields contrast sharply against the mountains. You might see cows but elk and deer are quite common in the area at this time of year as well. 

Here we are, at the end of the road

Whether you are going over Douglas Pass for purely practical reasons, or you are out for an adventure, the views and experiences are unique every time. One thing we can tell you is that the view from the bottom or from the top will leave your mind with a beautiful memory that you can share with friends and family near and far. Colorado's natural landscape provides challenges and memories and some of the best ones are out here in the wild and remote west.