The Rangely Trolley By Ken Bailey

THE "RANGELY TROLLEY". Here is a close-up of the "Rangely Trolley." A number of these former early versions of mass transportation were purchased from a distant city in the boom days -- shed of their motors, wheels, and interiors -- and moved to Rangely to serve as temporary housing. To my knowledge, this was the only survivior by the time Oil Geek came on the scene, although other Rangely "old hands" claim to know of one or two others serving as vacation cottages or similar that may have survived into the 1970's. This was a "horse drive-in" at this time, filled with hay for a quick snack, if I remember correctly (yes, I went inside to look, but that was almost fifty years ago by now)! (Last picture is courtesy Rangely Outdoor Museum, showing the old trolley's lined up in the lower left -- and is copyright and not to be reproduced; first two photos are mine, from January, 1972