Welcome to Wovoka Ranch!

Welcome to the Wovoka Ranch


Have you ever had a dream that wouldn't ever leave you? I'm not talking about the surreal movies that play in your mind while you sleep, I'm talking about daydreams, visions...heart's desires. Those things that stir your soul and awaken all of your senses. Have you ever had one (or multiple!) of those?




What was it?




Have you forgotten.... or have you done anything to make those dreams reality?


I have a favorite saying, well a lot of them actually, but this one says “ Your deepest desires are God knocking on your heart.” I believe in this saying to my very core. I believe these dreams, these burning passions, are your calling in life and where you will make the biggest impact in this world.


There was a time in my life where I thought that they were simply dreams, things I wanted with every fiber of my being, but they would never become a reality. I spent my whole growing up focusing on my dreams. I'd day dream, write plans, talk, miss out on whole periods of class focusing on what I wanted to do with my life. Then it came time to make choices and actually live them...but I gave up on them. Why? Because I didn't feel I was good enough - or worthy enough -  to have them manifest into my reality.


Fast forward13 years, and a lot of “finding myself “ experiences, and I realize that I am worthy and good enough to have these dreams of mine become tangible, real, live, solid life.


Welcome to the Wovoka Ranch. My dreams of being a rancher are developing and I'm going to share my families journey with you.


Wovoka is Paiute for “the cutter”, so almost a literal translation of Taylor meaning “the scissor”. We are raising Scottish Highland cattle,  a hardy heritage breed who have the cutest babies. I'll share more information on them as time goes by. We also raise chickens, horses, dogs, cats, and will soon be adding meat goats to the operation!


I'm excited to share this experience with you and hope to hear about you following your passions in the comments!


I'll leave you with a few pictures of our budding Ranch.