Fossil Ridge is Eagerly Waiting for Bunnies! by Janet Miller

We at Fossil Ridge eagerly await the arrival of new bunnies due to arrive this weekend. The rabbit's lactation is super short. It takes 31 days from the time the doe (female) is bred, to the time she kindles ( gives birth). The nest box is put into the cage about three days prior to the anticipated date. She will eagerly begin to arrange a layer of available nesting material inside said box almost immediately after it is placed inside. When labor actually starts, she will pull the fur from her bellyand use it to pad the box and to give added warmth for the kits (babies). The babies are born with no fur and blind. Nursing is a very short and loveless affair that occurs only a few times a day. The doe will go into the nestbox and stand above the babies exposing her nipples to them.  She stands for a short time as the babies nurse and then exits the nestbox. The kits will grow fur in the first week and their eyes will open in about 10-14 days. They rely solely on their mother for milk for the first approximately 4 weeks. At that time they will get curious and begin to venture out of the nestbox and nibble on hay and pellets.

The nestboxes are in and ready. We will keep you posted!