Peter Potomus Rock by Ken Bailey

"PETER POTOMUS ROCK," 1971. This area, west of Dragon Road about eight miles south of Rangely, shows a profile rock formation, likely sixty feet high from chin to crown of head, that juts out from a semi-circle wall of rocks about 100' high that form a protected canyon I visited several times in the old days -- we camped there several times with the Cub and Boy Scouts, and also visited once or twice with the Foto Klub. This large outcropping gave the place its informal name -- named for a Saturday Morning Hanna-Barbara cartoon character.

It was a challenge to climb up behind the rock wall -- on the far side, the ground came almost up to the top -- and then to scale up to the narrow path that went up behind Peter Potomus' neck. Walking across that, one could sit on his head. This was fun to do in calm weather, but if even a moderate breeze was blowing, crossing the "neck" to get to the head was too dangerous.

Yes, I sat up there. Yes, there were also some times it was too windy and I had to wait for a future visit.