Back into the Toybox! -Ken Bailey


The weather is still hot and clammy in Sheboygan this weekend, but the days are getting shorter, and I feel a profound sense of gloom that summer is over and the long winter is approaching.

Two events in particular -- both happening in the Rangely area about now -- signal to me that the party is indeed over, and we need to buckle down for the long ride until next May.

1) The Bedrock Depot in Dinosaur closes its doors for the season after serving its last ice cream cone and shake...

2) The Rangely Museum shutters down for the winter after its last open weekend for 2017.

Tonight, at the Museum, Dan Fiscus will be presenting the final "Fireside" for this year -- on the Last Ute War.

Even now, at the Depot, Leona and Bill may be dipping into the ice cream for the final time this year (check their website for exact closing date)...

And, fifteen hundred miles away, "There Is No Joy In Mudville: Rangely Summer Has Shut Down."

Oh, well? Is "The TANK" still open?