Requiem for Well 12- Ken Bailey


[News item -- one of the more noteworthy of the original Town-of-Rangely oil wells was recently shut down -- at least, on the surface. I had to dig out this nostalgic photo from 1996 as a result).

My lovely wife hams it up at F.V. Larson B-12, the famous well known in the old days for being a place to park after dark and watch the lights of Rangely below (and nibble on your sweethear's ear).
At least, so I was told.

Old Oil Geek was too busy being a geek to grow up fast enough to be date bait back in those days... but that was then and this was now.

So, on this sunny day in 1996, the grown Geek had to show his lovely wife "Well 12" at least once. After the obligatory hamming at the well site location sign, he explained to her how a 192 air-balance works, and how the original well had been pumped by a classic Lufkin "64" conventional, complete with standard derrick and tin engine house -- which was how it still appeared when the Geek moved to Rangely in '66.

We then sat for a moment, overlooking Rangely (in broad daylight) and then went off to nibble some burgers at Brady's rather than ears.

This proves one thing: Old People are Boring! Well, guilty as charged! But it was still one thing we had to do on the wife's first visit to Rangely.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some modern well sites in Rangely have some possibility of leaking gas at times ... the "Well 12ers" of the old days, hopefully, have found a safer place to "pitch woo" in the years that have gone by since...

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