Great Caesar's Salad! -- It's SUPERCAT!


"Supercat" was the second ongoing comic book series of former Rangely resident Ken Bailey, and the character was a creature of Rangely through and through.

He "bookended" my time growing up in Rangely, with "Supercat #1" taking shape in 1966, in motel rooms as we moved out to R-Town from the East Coast, and Supercat #15 (or thereabouts) being created about the time we left to relocate to the Midwest, six years later. (the series would last three more comic books after that, with the final one issued in 1974 or '75).

"Supercat" was also the very first comic book I ever had "published," as a special project with Rangely Middle School in 1968 -- Supercat #4.

A few years back, I inked over the penciled lines of said book #4 ... in the days following, let's peek at a few pages from that ancient story ... (c) 2017 Ken Bailey, all rights reserved for you legal eagles out there...

We'll start with the cover.