District Light Up Rangely Contest!

One of my favorite memories after Thanksgiving is pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations that were tidily tucked away by my Grandma each year. I'm a Christmas baby, so  she would always put one gift that was in differently wrapped paper immediately under the tree and then she'd help me open every box while I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over each one, even though I'd seen them every year prior. As I got older, I favored clear lights over multi-colored lights, and I would drink egg nog and play music. However, each precious handmade ornament that was carefully marked with the year and maker, went on each limb and there was no "elegance" of our tree, because it was a homemade ornament tree with the fingerprints of childhood as proof of the years of tradition. 

Now, we make our own traditions to add to the old ones, and one of the traditions I love to see in our little town of Rangely is the Light Up Rangely Contest as lights get put out everywhere and my son happily shouts as another house is lit up by the day. So pull out your lights and have a blast decorating!

light up rangely.jpg

What better time than NOW to start thinking about your Christmas light display! We will be having our annual Light Up Rangely contest again this year and would love to see more participation. It is FREE to enter with prizes to be won! 
Fill out the Entry form and return it to the Rangely Rec Center by December 5th.

Call 970-675-8211 for more information