Let's Talk Money! by Kerissa Taylor


            My husband and I did a major overhaul on our budget this last month, to have greater focus on the things we are creating at our ranch. We've been refreshing ourselves with some things and made some good changes, so I decided to talk money.

Money Money Money! It's a love hate relationship for a lot of people. I used to be one of those people. I did everything I could do to have a great relationship with it and it still didn't work. I realized a lot of it had to do with my perception of it. So here are a couple of myths I will debunk for you


Money Is Evil – Alright come on, if you really believe that money is capable of holding emotions and plotting disaster, then this is an easy one to debunk. Money doesn't think for itself, it is neutral. People often refer to money as the root of all evil, quoting a scripture. But if we actually READ the scripture, it says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.


Never Enough – How often do you think that money avoids you? It's like money says – WHOA! Can't go there, I can only go to everyone else! Well ok, maybe I am the only person that has ever thought this. There actually is enough. One of my mentors once shared with me that it is a resource, the same as air. None of us are walking around holding our breaths or only taking small amounts in because we are worried there isn't enough for everyone. We breath because it's there. We use it for what it's used for. Money is the same thing. There is always enough.


Money Controls YOU– Wrong. You determine what you do with life. Money just happens to be a part of it. If you are choosing to use your money on other things, then you are the one keeping you from where you want to be going. You tell money what to do... not the other way around. There is a saying, and I believe it's true; The rich don't work for money, money works for the rich.


So you are reading this and I'm sure you either think I'm nuts, never struggled with money, or something. But I'll tell you I most definitely have struggled with money. It DID control my life because I thought everything revolved around it. My husband (previous)  and I were typical paycheck to paycheck livers, skipped bills, got payday loans, sold almost everything we had to make a rent payment, etc. It wasn't pretty. THEN I started learning about mindset and perception. I learned how most beliefs surrounding money are myths, and that paying bills and having financial discussions with the husband/wife don't have to be painful or anything to fight about. It's actually fun and we look forward to it! We aren't loaded, but we have learned how to make money work for us so we consider ourselves rich!


Here are some things that I have learned over the years and continue to practice. They have had a huge impact on my relationship with money, and why we are in thrive mode.. not survival.







1.      BUDGET! I cannot say enough about this. If you are just willy nilly with your finances, then you will never get anywhere. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Create a budget within your net income. Do not include overtime, even if you get it regularly. I have a spreadsheet that we use to create our budget, I have formula's in it so it's easy to fill out and see what happens when you make adjustments. (I am happy to send it to anyone wanting to use it)

2.      YOUNEEDABUDGET -  (What? Didn't she talk about that already?) Yes I did, it is important enough to talk about some more, but I won't. This is a program I have used for almost 6 years to keep track of my finances. Best investment. I used to use a program similar, Microsoft money, but I LOVE this so much more! Quickbooks is another similar program. You create your budget categories, download your finances from your bank and keep track of what's going on. AND you have an app on your phone so that when you are out and about, you always know how much money you have to spend on any given thing. They also have free weekly training's to maximize your financial education.










3.      TWO ACCOUNTS – This is ideal if you are paid more than once a month. We get paid monthly, so it's not completely necessary, but I still use the concept. You have one account for your bills and one for your other living expenses. I don't refer to my stuff as bills, I refer to them as SERVICES, because that is what they are. So my accounts are named Services and Living. :) Add up your monthly services, then divide that by how many times you get paid. If your services total $1200 a month and you get paid twice a month, then each paycheck you will put $600 into the services account. That account is used then ONLY for paying services and never anything else. That way your bills are always paid and you never have to worry about accidentally overspending your groceries and not have enough for the power. You carry a debit card ONLY to the Living account.



4.      WEEKLY FINANCIAL MEETING – Once a week I update our finances. Hubby and I review it so we know what we've spent, what we have left to spend and make any adjustments needed. It's important for both people to always be on the same page, and to be informed about what is going on in your accounts. In marriage, sometimes one person is over all the finances and the other person is in the dark about what is going on, this does not work and is not good for the relationship. BOTH people need to be involved. If you aren't married, same principle applies of knowing whats taking place weekly.





5.      CASH – If you are new to the budget aspect, or have a really hard time sticking to a budget, I recommend pulling out cash. You have it in your wallet, your debit card is at home, and once the cash is gone it's gone. This really helps with discipline.






If you are really interested in becoming more financially savvy, I highly recommend reading these books – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, and “Think and Grow Rich” All of them can be found on Amazon or Audible.

Link for financial software – http://youneedabudget.com/

If you'd like to know more about what I do, or even have some feedback, feel free to contact me!


 Happy trails to you and your financial adventure,