Generations of Leaders by Kerissa Taylor

In 1902, an organization started that would impact the lives of thousands... hundreds of thousands of people. It would prove to be a game changer for many,: a place to rise and shine, to learn new things, to find things about one's self and inspire their future. That organization is 4-H.


Here at Wovoka Ranch 4-H is playing a huge role in our children's lives and education. Our desire is to raise strong leaders with a firm sense of self, mission, and place in their community.  Our experience with 4-Hhas been that, and I believe it will surprise us as the years go on. I look at some of the older kids that have been doing 4-H for years and the results are impressive.


There are many opportunities with 4-H. Not just choosing an area to learn and explore, but your child gets to work with other youth of all ages, serve in leadership positions, leadership training, educational trips, fun activities, and more.


Enrollment is open and clubs are starting to get moving, so check it out! It's not all about farming and livestock. There's sewing, robotics, shooting, even LEGO's... whatever suits your child's fancy! If your child has an interest, or you would like to see them develop some great leadership skills and have great mentors, then I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out. And hey, my neighbor and I are even running a horse club that you don't have to have a horse for!


The child chooses the area of interest, learns about the area through activities and club meetings, and completes a project. They learn record keeping skills, provide community service, participate in fund raising and lots more. Then the project is put on for public display, which is most often is at County Fair, but not the only option!


Rangely 4-H is led byBill Ekstrom and Rozilynn Witheral, and many great project leaders. You can learn more about 4-H in Rio Blanco County here -