"We Know Not Our Time" by Ken Bailey

"WE KNOW NOT OUR TIME," says the Bible. This snapshot, of a wrestling match on a Friday night in the "old" Rangely High School gym, shows a moment in time from 1970 or '71. I had access to the gym floor because I was Manager that year, but this night I apparently was off-duty and had brought my camera. That's Noel Crown on the left as referee ... and the wrestler on the right is a senior named Kevin Poole. You know the name because the Rangely City Park Baseball Field is named for him. Kevin died in a tragic auto accident a few months after this photo was taken.

I knew Kevin ... not well, but I did know him. As you can see, he was pretty big and strong. I was a wimpy underclassman. But I can testify that Kevin Poole was on of the finest Rangely Panthers I was ever privileged to know. He was friendly and good-natured; indeed, I cannot remember him ever saying one unkind word to me, or anyone else I knew I my class. I remember him pretty much always smiling and laughing. He was a guy you just instinctively wanted to know and support, even if he wasn't one of your normal crowd.

The baseball field name is a fitting commemoration for this fine athlete, student, and all-around outstanding young man.