Alison's Pantry!- Orders are due by this Saturday!

Every month I peruse the contents of each month's catalog so I can see what new deals there are, but also to look for healthy options for my family that are otherwise hard to get in such a rural area. With family that loves good food, but sometimes runs like crazy to a point that its a debate on ordering out or having a homecooked meal I often turn to my Pantry items to resolve the problem. This month certain things caught my eye- the Honey BBQ wings on pg 10 make for  great fast dinners paired with a salad and maybe some fries (my favorite ones are the curly fries on pg 27) and fresh veggies frozen and ready to heat on pg 24, or the CarveMaster Ham that I plan on using for the holidays, simplifying my prep on page 8. That's only a few but deals abound, and you should always check out the hotdeals online at too! Pick up is easy and local, so I never have to worry about remembering to get out of town either, making my busy life, better.