A Montage of Wells Pt 3 by Ken Bailey


Here is a C.T. Carney well -- #2 -- that still has its original "National Supply" pumper in 1971. "Nationals" were lanky-looking -- due to the long "walking beam" and slender "horse head" -- and were painted blue and black. Wells drilled by Texaco seems to favor these -- and Bethlehem pumps, which were yellow-and-black -- over the common Lufkin models many other leases featured.

A "cleanout rig" is set up over C.T. Carney #7, manned by both a big Lufkin air-balance pump (on the left) and a smaller conventional model by the same manufacturer (on the right). Actually, the larger model most likely sits on a base poured right over the site of the original pump on this well -- a National Supply pumper.



C.T. Carney #20 X chugs away, with the town of Rangely in the background. This well was drilled while I was in Junior High School there -- probably in the winter of 1967-68 ... and sat on a bluff north of the "old" White River Bridge. In the summer of 1969-70, #23 X was drilled even closer to Rangely, sitting right at the top of the bluffs above the river -- and it is still producing to this day with a surface pumper. (the "Tank" is not far away from 23 X and they have been photographed together).


"National Supply" pump on C.T. Carney #1, near Stregal Hill and just off the highway to the south, before the final decent into the town valley itself. The pump in the distance is on the other side of the road. Carney wells, drilled and originally managed by Texaco, favored National pumps and many of them had them, before being replaced by other models in the Chevron days.


Coal-Oil Ridge forms a setting-sun backdrop (long shadows) behind a Lufkin pump on C.T. Carney #19.


Oil Road east shows three pumps lined up in a row on the C.T. Carney lease.


A "National Supply" pump taken apart and thrown into the weeds near C.T. Carney #4, after being replaced by a larger, newer model.