A Day In the Life-Kerissa Taylor

              A day in the life.... on Wovoka Ranch.


Rain, snow, scorching sun. No matter what the weather, when you are a steward over animals you are out there. Feeding, watering, and doing what they can't do for themselves. The more I care for animals and have their influence, I believe I become a better person. I have learned many things that pertain to myself, my relationships, and leadership. There is a lot to learn while raising animals, much more than their physical needs.


Today, I am going to invite you in to our lives on a more personal level, so you can see what it is we do on a typical day. Hopefully you will get a sort of virtual reality experience as we go through animal care, what we eat, children's education in our private school, to what we do in our spare time.... if there is any!


7:00 am – Feed and water animals – clean any necessary pens

            I try to get up a little before the kids and get laundry going and do some personal reading before we get going (doesn't always happen!). Then we move to take care of the animals. Someone, usually the person who makes breakfast, stays in with Mary, our almost 2 year old.

When there is warm weather she comes out to help too! Someone goes to the hay stack with the cart, load a bale of hay for the cows, and throw hay to the big horses (our mini lives with the cows :)). Someone goes to the ducks and chickens to check for eggs, let them out of the coop, fill the feeders and dump the swimming pool (it is full of mud at the end of everyday!). Someone else goes and gets the water started in the cow/horse troughs.

Hay is taken to the cows and divided among all the feeders. Feed the dogs and cats, clean pens, and hang out until watering is done. I've measured, and walk about 1.5 miles during this routine!


8:00 am – Eat breakfast/Cleanup/Morning stuff

            When feeding animals is done, we all go back to the house for our own breakfast. This usually consists of fruit and a sprouted whole grain cereal (wheat berries, oat groats, barley, etc.), eggs and toast. 


Occasionally we enjoy a fun breakfast like hootenanny's or pancakes! We all eat and clean up together. Then on to our morning stuff – hygiene, cleaning personal space, and getting ready for the day. I usually also take this time to exercise our dogs... and myself!


10:00 am – Kidschool

            Kidschool is where I take the time to mentor my children in something I am passionate about or learning myself. The season we are in usually determines what we do. 


In the late fall and winter we are indoors a lot more so that affords more book study, experiments, tutoring etc.

 In the spring and summer, our work on the ranch serves as their main education (it encompasses everything from math and science, to critical thinking and language arts!) We will work in the garden, work on any outside project; training horses, fixing fence, gentling animals, building/repairing shelters, or hiking/exploring and more. 


12:00/12:30 pm – Lunch/cleanup

            Time for a much needed rest, we usually eat leftovers. If there is none, we'll make sandwiches or salads. 


1:00 pm – Naps, Personal/study time, business admin.

            We reserve the afternoons for inside time since they are the warmest part of the day. Here the babe takes a nap and the other kids are free to use their time how they please.

 They usually use this time to read, work on their personal education projects, and play outside. This is also my time for personal study and taking care of the administrative responsibilities for the ranch.

I keep our ranch books updated, budget, email/phone calls, write blog posts, study, and occasionally will go out for extra time with the horses.


4:00 pm – Family work/Dinner/Cleanup

            Considering most of the day is consumed with some type of family work, this is specific to cleaning up from the day. The last thing any of us really want to do is to take care of the house, but it must be done! We all pitch in to pick up, vacuum, wash dishes etc.

Whoever is cooking dinner doesn't have to clean and gets started on our nightly feast. Depending on the season, we will eat anything from stews to salad (the goal being to have vegetables the largest portion of our meal)  or simply eat an entire watermelon. Our family LOVES watermelon. More specifically my husband ;)


5:30 pm – Family time/Animal care

            This time of the evening usually varies; we work on anything that we didn't finish from the day, activities in town, or chilling out with some youtube instructional videos. 

Then we feed animals their dinner, gather eggs, and make sure everything is locked down good for the night.


7:30 pm – Ready for bed

            Time for jammies, nightly hygiene, and family reading. This is where we council about what is taking place the next day, read out of our family book/scriptures, have family prayer and send kids to bed by 8.

After the kids are in bed, hubby and I will have a meeting about the ranch and what we need to work on or learn, read our own books, play with the babe, and prep for the new day and do it all over again!