Good Old 'Skeleton Head' - Ken Bailey


GOOD OLD 'SKELETON HEAD'! That's what Lufkin Industries called the pump style we kids used to call, "Holey Head" back in the old days -- a bigger-than-usual Lufkin conventional pump out northwest of the Chevron Camp with a framework horse head. It was the only pumper in the entire field that we knew of!

I wrote to Lufkin Industries, and they pegged the design as being manufactured somewhere around 1947. The photo shows the pump on well Henry W. Gray B #13, where it served until May, 1972. It was replaced by a submersible, but by August 1972 it had appeared on a well near the Texas Camp.

Today, the design had reappeared, a bit more streamlined. The big "American Producer" pump on the Purdy well just outside the Rangely Museum Grounds sports a "Holey Head" of the modern variety.