The Cowboy Poet- Fred Ellis! - Meeker Cowboy Poet Gathering

Fred Ellis, the "Cowboy Poet" and "Cowboy Preacher" is another of our poets for the Meeker Cowboy Poet Gathering. He's the one who started in the Meeker Cowboy Poet Gathering back when he lived here. In 1988, Ellis put together a one-man act called Cowboy Up and toured the country with it. He journeyed from coast to coast and performed in more than 20 states. Today, he lives in Penrose, Colorado where he 'cowboys,' preaches and continues to share his cowboy poetry.

He wasn't always a cowboy though. He grew up in Denver where he worked in sales and marketing, writes Ben McCanna in his 2011 article for the Craig Daily Press. "At 46 years old...Ellis decided to leave the world he knew up until then behind."

Ellis gave up his job and suits and moved to the South Park region of Colorado where he worked as a ranch hand. Later they moved to Meeker. Soon afterward, Ellis rekindled a long-dormant passion for poetry. 

"I'd always liked writing poetry," he said. "However, in school I'd always here, 'No, the rhyme isn't right. The grammar isn't right. The punctuation isn't right.' So, I wrote poems, but they were for myself."

At an event in 1988, however, Ellis stumbled on some kindred spirits during a cowboy poetry recital at Silt HeyDay. Those poems were in his wheelhouse. 

"I looked at my wife and said, 'I can write that,'" Ellis recalled. 

Within weeks, he began performing his own poetry at open-mic events. Soon he was invited to join other poets at larger gatherings. 

From there Ellis put together a one-man act called Cowboy UP and toured the country with it. Ellis journeyed rom coast to coast and performed in more than 20 states. 

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