Summer 2017 Wovoka Ranch Happenings

What we've been busy doing!


Riviera had a cute little filly... we named her Penny.

Penny's Filly


ButterScotch had a cute bull calf that we got to see seconds after he was born.

Calflings Wovoka


Took cows and their babies down to grazing in Cimmaron, CO

Wovoka Franch Calf Baby



Kids have been busy with 4-H animals!

4H Piggies
More Wovoka pigs


We've been doing a ton of gardening! Just check out these radishes!

Delicious Radishes
Fresh Greens



Horsin' Aroun Rangely 4H club meetings

4H Visitors



Went to see family in Northern California!



Playing in the Garden

Garden Dirt Play