Just So You Know- Ken Bailey

JUST SO YOU KNOW ... I am planning to be in town for "Septemberfest," and for part of that time I will have a table at one or more of the Rangely Outdoor Museum activities selling the "Rangely" comic book from the "Mighty EnergyGirl" series. I can sign your book if you wish. I may also draw several sketches of EnergyGirl as people watch, if there is time and desire that I do so.

I think there are still some advance copies available for sale through the Rangely Library ($15 each), and more will be available at Septemberfest.

Then, the offer goes away... so now is the time, if you are interested.

(The book took an entire summer to create, each page master was drawn and colored by hand, it features a superhero's visit to a fictional version of Rangely at the time a plot is uncovered to do dastardly deeds there!

See EnergyGirl rescue the "Tank," stop a coal train derailment, save the entire city council from being crushed by a falling oil derrick (yes, they are still found in town in this story) ... and see mortal husband Stan visit "Sprain Drug Store" for the first time since he was a kid! (The real store was located where True Value Hardward currently stands).

Plus, see oilmen Jerry and Joe belt out a ballad of oil well blues ... to electric guitar, in the Tank!

Great fun ... or not ... but definitely OUT of the ordinary!