Weigh In- Does Rangely Need a Traffic Light?


Traffic lights, love them or hate them, they are usually put in place for a reason. The sole light in Rio Blanco County may not be replaced after being hit by a semi truck. There are concerns that without the light, there is a risk of trucks speeding through town rather than self regulating, on the other hand, the cost of replacing one post and then matching that post with three more costs an whopping estimated cost of $600,000 to bring them all up to code. 

CDOT has suggested that widening the intersection would improve the ability of trucks to turn off Main Street onto White and also stated that the light may have caused rear-end collisions. Chief Wilczek argued that the light encourages semi's to regulate their speed. 

So Rangely, and citizens of Rio Blanco County, what do you think? 

For more information on this question, and on other items affecting our rural area, be sure to read the article by Jen Hill at The Herald Times.