Olathe Sweet Corn Festival!

Okay, so if you've met me, you may have encountered my thick drawl. I'm a mostly southern girl, and when I came to Rangely and met my wonderful husband, he told me all about Olathe Sweet Corn. He went out of his way to procure it while I was pregnant and I have to say, it's worth a trip out of town (but luckily we have a couple that brings it to us!), to try it out. The corn is sublime, sweet, and perfect for eating right off the cob, and tossing into salads, you name it. Just a touch of butter, and you have yourself a wonderful treat. Trust me. 

This year's line up at the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival not only has the corn eating contest, but also boasts Rodney Atkins attending the event. If you're looking for something to do in these last few weekends before school is upon us, definitely go to this event, because you don't want to miss it.