A "National" oil pump- Ken Bailey

My brother Scott and a small "National" oil pump on a well about a half-mile or so southwest of Rangely on the dirt road that went west as far as Kevin Poole Baseball Field and then turned to the southwest and lost its pavement.

Like the larger pumps on the Chevron Weber Wells, this little fellow was painted a kind of robin's egg blue with a yellow nameplate -- in the days before the decree went out that all pumps must be painted to blend in with their environments..

Unlike the bigger pumps, which balanced the great weight of pulling the oil rod out of the ground by placing heavy cast iron "counter-weights" on the rotating cranks and arms at the other end of the pump, this one using counterbalance by placing square weights on the end of the walking-beam itself.

It's like beating the bully on the other end of the see-saw by having the fat kid sit down on your end with you to win the contest.

(Photo taken April, 1967 by Ken Bailey -- (c) 2017).