Sweetbriar brings you local art and literature!

Sweetbriar is one of my standby shops for unique and fantastic items. Whenever I step into the store I am greeted by Kathy, who always directs me right to the fairies, my personal weakness. Kathy has an eye for detail and always makes sure her fairies have well created features that look real and not just plastered on by a hurried hand. For this I am thankful, and my collection has grown at a rapid rate thanks to her. 

On the other hand, a quick glance around will serve books by local writer Lou Dean who writes some excellent books. Definitely stop and pick them up if you want a great read. 

You can also find a delicately wrought metal rose by local Kyle Smith as well. this piece is competely handmade and shows beauty wrought from a material that one wouldn't ordinarily attribute to flora of any time. His work is presented on a stand that he also created. 

Farm animals make up a portion of photographer Leroy Jagodinski's work- his picture of newly hatched ducklings is enough to remind you of the value of life. 

Lastly we present Norma Hood and Rob Hood who have a fun mystery series for you to check out. 

When looking for something new, or just unique, be sure to stop in and take a gander at some of the amazing pieces in Sweetbriar.