Dinosaurs Attack The "Bedrock Depot!" - Ken Bailey

THROWBACK THURSDAY -- DINOSAURS ATTACK THE "BEDROCK DEPOT"! Well, not really -- all they are "attacking" is the delicious home-made ice cream cones that were just served to them!

The Bedrock Depot -- once a defunct drive-in that had earlier been a "Dino-Freeze" -- is an upscale ice cream and sandwich shop at the US40 Gateway to Dinosaur National Monument, located on the west edge of the town of that same name -- almost in sight of the Utah border.

I collaborated a few years ago with co-owners Bill Mitchem and Leona Hemmerich to update and spiff up their dinosaur mascot family of cartoon characters, a few of whom are seen here, cavorting around the restaurant with their ice cream cones on a sunny Western Colorado day.

Leona has written an entire mythology as to how these prehistoric ice cream lovers came to find themselves in the twenty-first century. In the "real world," the story is only a little less amazing ... the shop has played host to travelers from all over the country, and beyond, over the decade it has been open.