Oil Camp Life...Without Leaving Town! - Ken Bailey

Photo courtesy of Ken Bailey

Photo courtesy of Ken Bailey

OIL CAMP LIFE ... WITHOUT LEAVING TOWN! We got cats. We got bikes. We got cottonwood trees. We got lawns. We have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living/dining room, kitchen, and a basement -- with an "Octopus" furnace! And we have a genuine producing oil well just down the street!

We got Rangely in the 1960s!

(Epilogue: Today, this very mobile cat-holding Rangelite is a DJ of renown. But, like me, he has never completely left the town of his youth).

Photo taken on Cottonwood Drive, looking east, in 1969. This street, and the next one to the east, formed the "Service Pipeline Camp." Just beyond that as the similar "Stanolind Camp," although the houses of the latter were designed to line up "sideways" with the front door at the end of the gable, if I remember correctly.