Tall Tales in Rangely! - Ken Bailey

Oilfield coffee! A tired visiting "Oil Geek" is handed an oldtime remedy by a local Rangely friendly native -- oilfield coffee!

Perhaps the most caustic substance on the planet (save perhaps for the equally respected "railroad coffee" and "ranch-hand coffee", this stuff of legend can clean out clogged well holes and start cars that haven't run in years, it has been known to scare off coyotes and fuel the space shuttle. Or, at least, if you believe the legends, that is -- tall tales from oilfield 'round the world of the awful stuff that most of the fields in the world could not run without.

But Oil Geek survived.

It soon became evident to the Geek that his kindly Rangely host must had spared him the legendary "real" stuff and, instead, served a gentler, more tasty blend that weak-livered dudes from out east can tolerate.

Tall tales -- a longtime staple of the Old West!