Snack Time at the O.K. Corral- Ken Bailey

ok corral.jpg

SNACK TIME AT THE O.K. CORRAL. This past week was a time of reconnecting with many old friends, making new ones, and touching base with many an old memory.

One of these was, of course, my longtime friend and Foto Klub advisor Bill Mitchem. While I was training my camera lens on oil pumps and derricks over the years, Bill preferred nature, grouse, and -- of course -- geologic wonders such as Echo Park and Dinosaur National Monument, one of his favorite places on the entire planet.

It seems fitting, therefore, that -- as Scott and I ended our visit with this esteemed photographer and drove down his curving driveway, three deer ambled by and proceeded to nibble on the flora growing along the way, just below his kitchen windows.

Leaving Rangely this time was hard. So many experiences, so many memories, crammed into six wonderful days! Closing the door to years gone by -- and returning to daily life in Wisconsin -- was hard as well.