Meeting the Voice, the Publisher, the Author, and an Award?- Ken Bailey


I got to meet the "Keeper of the Tank" Sammi Wade, and we hold the latest copy of the Home on the Rangely magazine featuring her cover story -- earlier, I had met the publisher and editor of this magazine as well! I also got to meet the article's author ...


Jasmine D., a writer and blogger for Home on the Rangely, clowns around with the Geek at the Ice Cream Social the following day. Meeting she and her family was a hoot!

The local magazine, Home on the Rangely, awarded the Geek for his volunteer assistance in their efforts and those of the Museum with this ceramic scroll that the Geek was unable to read to his wife later that night due to being choked up.

Bob Haag received a Home on the Rangely award for his fine and decades-long exhaustive research in publishing THE REALITY OF RANGELY, as well.

These awards followed awards to Dignitaries, Founders, and Major Helpers to the Rangely Outdoor Museum.