1st Annual Oldtimers in Rangely was a hit!

The Rangely Outdoor Museum and many sponsors worked together to bring a new event to Rangely's Septemberfest- the 1st Annual Oldtimers Event. It was a blast with many local Rangely residents and returning Rangely-ites from all over from young to old. 


The objective of the event and future OldTimers events is to provide the opportunity for all previous and current residents of Rangely "to engage in the preservation of our history and foster economic development in the area. Through communication, education and events we lovingly share our past, present and future to all who live and visit here." (Full Article Here


We here at the Home on the Rangely loved sponsoring the event and loved meeting all the amazing characters that make up the framework of the tapestry of Rangely's past, present and future. 


Septemberfest is one of our favorite events, and combing it with the OldTimers we believes helps bridge the gaps and strengthen new and old relationships in our way outside of ordinary town. Tell us, did you go? If so, what did you like best? What do you want to see in the future?