Top Ten Posts of 2017!

Well... we've closed the book on 2017 and carry with us into the new year all of the memories we treasured and all the lessons we've learned. Time flies when you're having fun and working hard, as those of us in both rural communities and cities know well. 

This year we published over 200 blog posts on almost every topic relating to Authentic Life in the Wild and Remote West! We've shared with you daily doings in our neck of the woods, some of our thoughts on important matters (that stoplight!), shared ranching life on Wovoka Ranch and shared extensive histories on our local oil industry (Thank you Ken Bailey!). 

Perhaps you didn't catch every post, so we gathered our top ten most popular posts of 2017 on rural life in Western Colorado and beyond to share with you. We look forward to researching, writing and sharing even more in 2018! More on Western U.S. History, more on Northwest Colorado, more on the Western Slope, more on small business and entrepreneurship, more on rural industry, more Community Characters, and more about YOU! 

For 2018,  Join Us on the Journey... as a reader, as a subscriber, as a blogger, as a writer, as a sponsor, as an advertiser, and as a neighbor!


1. 2017 Rally Colorado Activities This post featured the local activities surrounding the Rally Colorado competition in Rangely. This was our most view post all year. Knowing how popular it has been in the past, we are happy to announce the 2018 dates or this event is July 20-21st!

Check out the event page on Facebook Here!

Check out the event page on Facebook Here!


2. Have you taken the Grocery Survey?

This was our second most popular, and most frequently shared post of 2017 and it is easy to see why. This survey was offered to the residents of Rangely to determine the needs and wishes of town residents to have a fully functional grocery store. The Better City Project is still involved in town workings, a recent article highlights some of the issues surrounding the concerns residents have. 

photo by Carlos Aguilar

photo by Carlos Aguilar

3. 3 Feet Away From Gold 

Life isn't all peaches and sunshine, there are clouds and there are rainstorms. When you are feeling like quitting, throwing in the towel or changing the plan you've worked so hard for, blogger Kerissa Taylor has just the words to say. "The truth is, what you want IS worth sacrificing for." This is a great post to go back to as you start your goals for 2018. 


4. Welcome to Wovoka Ranch 

Have you ever had a dream that wouldn't leave you? Kerissa shows us that it is possible to obtain your dreams, and sometimes faster than you can ever imagine. She tells us about how her dream became a reality and offers a dose of reality and advice in her blog, welcoming us to an enchanting rural ranch that she and her family have worked together to create. 


5. January 2017 issue now online! 

Our third issue came out in January of 2017 and featured some fun articles, you can still go back and read the issue here. Be sure to check out the First Kill section if you have hunted in the area!


6. Ever Had Farm Fresh Eggs? 

During the Spring and Summer months, Rangely residents seem to be overwhelmed by one of the most wholesome food items for a rural community: farm fresh eggs. In this post one of our local businesses, Fossil Ridge Farmstead offered amazing deals to newcomers to fresh eggs. There are amazing benefits to getting fresh eggs, in fact, she inspired me to grow my own chickens so we have a steady supply at home too. Check out some of the benefits here if you don't believe me.


7. A Solo Engineering Success! 

Voice of The TANK, Samantha Wade has become trained in sound engineering and on this day shared with us her first successful recording session with artist Bob Lowell. There are many opportunities to explore The TANK and we know that it will continue to be a huge feature for future visitors to Rangely, some even travel the whole way here just to experience the sounds in the huge metal behemoth. To read more about Samantha and The TANK click here, and read our summer/fall 2017 issue!


8. The KID issue... why it's good to be a kid in the wild west! 

The KID issue was all about our amazing kids and what makes a rural location the perfect place to raise children. From stories of the past (The Saddle Club!) to current 4-H kids and childcare at Giant Step, Rangely offers an amazing village that shows the old adage: it takes a village to raise a kid. Take a peek at the past and smile in this issue!

Photo by Ken Bailey

Photo by Ken Bailey

9. The Rangely Trolley

These old pieces mass transportation were purchased and brought to Rangely in the early days to serve as temporary housing. Our resident Oil Geek, Ken Bailey shares many tidbits of the past, but this was his most popular post. At the time it served as a "horse drive-in" in this photo. 


10. The MOM Issue, now online and in mailboxes soon!

One of our first themed issues, the MOM issue, featured some of the amazing women that make our community rock. Most of our production team at Home on the Rangely are women! Don't worry though, we're still open to diversifying! This is one of our favorite issues, but then again, they all are.

Be sure to click here and see if you missed any more great posts!

Well that wraps up our top 10 posts of 2017, we are sure that 2018 will bring many more successes and stories from us to you. Be sure to keep an eye right here as we keep you updated and informed about current events and tell the stories of the past! Thank you so much for a successful year and the support you have given us, we wish you luck with your goals going into 2018, whatever they are!