Choices- Everyday by Kerissa Taylor

Sometimes life comes to a point where you realize it’s time to make choices that you may or may not be ready to make. Sometimes the choices are choosing between what you really want and what you want. And what you really want might require you to do something you don’t want to do. When you figure out how much that makes sense, let me know. (Wink wink) Weird how choices are made sometimes and we are led.

This last year our ranch has grown so much and it has been so fun! However, with that growth, we’ve had to make some choices. Every choice I make, I take a minute to ask myself how it will affect my future – Is it bringing me closer to accomplishing my mission and dreams, or away from it. It’s pretty interesting how some choices seem like they’ll get you closer or even further away. After pondering and praying you realize in fact that the opposite is true. I have had many surprises this way and have seen, after putting faith and trust in it, the greatest accomplishments and blessings have taken place.

To make a long story long, one of the most recent choices for Wovoka Ranch has consisted of moving away from our beloved Rangely. This was a place where my family actually felt like we fit and could be “out of the world”. Apparently, sometimes when you have something to accomplish and the desire to make a big impact, you’re not supposed to fit…all the way.

So, with a lot of behind the scene happenings, we relocated Wovoka Ranch to Montrose, CO. We might be a little crazy, but we got everything moved in a month. My husband Steve ended his job of 9 years with the state of Colorado and is now full-time farming. (We use farm and ranch interchangeably and even almost officially called ourselves Wovoka Franch J) He is also a full-time mentor for our home-based private school, Wovoka’s Truth Academy. Meanwhile, I am working full time to cover basic needs until we can both be full time. That day will be amazing!! We are also living in a 33 ft. camper trailer along with our 5 farmhands… I mean children. That is how we lived when we first arrived in Rangley, so it’s only fitting that is how we left! Ha!

We have property here in Montrose and will be leasing more. This year’s journey is starting with 12 calves, broiler chickens, layers, goats, and pigs!

 I am grateful to continue to share our growth and journey with you through Home on the Rangely. I hope it will be inspiring and fun for you to watch!