Coming of Age in a Sonic Playground

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts is opening in May, kicking off its 3rd season of community programming and recording sessions. We thought you'd enjoy the excerpt from Samantha Wade: Finding Her Voice,  an exclusive interview with Samantha Wade telling the story of coming of age in a sonic playground with the TANK Center for Sonic Arts crew alongside. Found in Volume 2 Issue 5 of Western Colorado's Home on the Range (ly) - a journal of historic and contemporary life in the wild and remote west, you can read the entire story here.

Samantha Wade and Bruce Odland.jpg

Ethereal, keening notes ascend and bounce off metal, reverberating and amplifying in a musical counterpoint to the wind billowing outside. The force of nature undulates with the lone song of a raven haired woman, the notes raw and unrestrained. Turning, she asks of my first experience in The TANK, “Was it what you expected?”

Astounded by the sheer vigor of her voice and the power returned by The TANK, I utter, “More than I could have hoped.” Samantha Wade is the Voice of The TANK.

Wade is, perhaps, one of the most inspiring individuals I have encountered in my 27 years. She fought to climb out of depression as a teenager, her body unhealthy and overweight, her hair tattered and tangled. Through the influence of The TANK and the people affiliated with it, she as become a confident and confidence-inspiring individual. Without seizing the small miracle that makes The TANK what it is, she would not have found her voice, nor would The TANK have the same voice without her.

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Read the entire issue here!

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Wow, who knew Rangely was the host to such talent?  Read the entire article here