Going West: Best Places to Stop on Your Way Through Colorado

Colorado is truly a gem of the west. While skiing gets the limelight, Colorado offers an amazing variety of places and things to visit throughout the state. One of the best ways to see a wide array of options in Colorado is to rent a car (https://www.budget.ca/en/reservation/make-reservation) and drive through it. This provides the most autonomy and allows travelers to visit elusive and iconic spots on their own schedule. If you are planning a trip through Colorado, use some of these ideas for pit-stops along the way.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Perhaps one of the most iconic stops in Colorado is Rocky Mountain National Park. With stunning vistas and mountaintop views, the Rocky Mountains are an unavoidable stop on any trip to Colorado. Open year round, driving up in to the mountains is a breathtaking experience. Some roads may close based on weather conditions, however there is always something to see in the park.


Garden of the Gods

Another beautiful area to visit is the Garden of the Gods. Hiking, rock climbing, and biking are just a few options to travelers to this area. Not only geologically interesting, Garden of the Gods is also an important historical site in the history of the west. This stop is a registered National Natural Landmark, and for those not as inclined to be out in the nature center, there is also a cafe and exhibits to view while the more adventurous travelers are out rock climbing or taking a horseback ride on the trails.


Hot Springs

Located in multiple areas of Colorado, hot springs are one of the stops that visitors should not miss when traveling to Colorado. To get to most of the remote hot springs, renting a car is the easiest way to travel on your own schedule. A well-known spot is the Great Pagosa Hot Spring in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Many believe the springs to have a restorative effect on the body and the aquamarine waters are a beautiful site to see. The Great Pagosa Spring is considered by Guinness World Records to hold the title of The World's Deepest Geothermal Hot Spring, at 1,002 feet deep (https://www.pagosahotsprings.com/about). Even more fascinating is that this is only the measured depth of the spring, it could be even deeper.

While we've covered some of the major sites in the state, if you're a true explorer, don't forget to check out the under visited area of Northwest Colorado on the "Western Slope". Full of hidden gems, including petroglyphs, sonic wonders, miles of open land, wildlife, fishing, and more... this is a region that has gone under visited and is wide open for exploration and new discoveries!

Driving through Colorado, there are many stunning sites to visit. From the mountains to springs, there is an array of beautiful natural phenomenon in Colorado. It is absolutely worth taking a journey west.