Where To Go On Your Next Cowboy Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of riding, roping, and telling tales by a campfire after a hard day of herding? Many people want to experience the life of a cowboy, even if it's only temporary. Thoughts of sleeping under the stars and food cooked over an open flame appeal to men and women alike. Luckily, there are still places to try your hand at being a cowboy:

Rockin’ R Ranch,  Utah

Photo courtesy of Rockin' R Ranch

Photo courtesy of Rockin' R Ranch

More than just a ranch, the Rockin’ R Ranch in Antimony, Utah is a place where families can relax, learn timeless values, and have a completely authentic ranching experience. Visitors can participate in a real cattle drive in the heart of the Escalante Mountains, learn to dance like a cowboy, or sign up for Cowboy College to learn the ranch hand way. There is also a variety of activities suited for kids of all ages and stunning on-site accomodations. While you’re visiting you can also stop by a selection of nearby national parks and local camping spots. Either way, a visit to Rockin’ R Ranch will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Badger Creek Ranch, Colorado


Go West to a secluded 'off-grid' area of the Rockies - far from civilization. The Badger Creek Ranch allows guests to join in the fun of a real working ranch. Ride along to help doctor the herd or fix the fences. Stay in a bunkhouse. Relax around the campfire at night, looking up at a sky full of stars. Three full meals are served daily. You can have lunch out of a saddle bag on the trail or in the comfort of the main dining room - the options are nearly endless at Badger Creek Ranch.

Cottonwood Guest Ranch, Nevada

Cowboy Cottonwood

Six generations of Smith's have operated this remote ranch in northeast Nevada. Saddle up for a pack trip to move the cattle or horses from the Jarbidge Mountain Range to lower pastures. If you aren't ready for a full pack trip you can ride up to the high mountains to check the herds every day. You can choose to relax at the beautiful lodge or unwind in your RV at the RV park on the premises. Bring your horses or use theirs. You can fish, take a buggy ride or do some trap-shooting. You can even play billiards or soak in the hot tub. This ranch family aims to fulfill your cowboy dreams.

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