City Park Walkabout Finale

Ken Bailey, our resident oil geek, comic artist, and an all-around cool guy, was with us last fall. We took a virtual walk with him this week and today we wrap it up, with a smattering of new memories and old. Out here in the wild and remote west, we love our little towns with big spaces. There's room to explore and room to grow as Ken Bailey experienced himself. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 before you read this one though!

You won't see this today!


Swimming in the former Municipal Swimming Pool, 1969. Looking southward, 1913 Schoolhouse beyond the pool. It had been a Teen Canteen in the 1960's, but was closed at this time... this was it's third location in Rangely, and it would move twice more after this photo was taken.

This nifty sign proclaims you are entering Elk's Park, the official name for City Park. Ever the backwards one, I am exiting as I pass this sign, but it was still cool to see.

Old Friends and Memories

A good place to end ... where I would pick up my school buddy Lee as we walked to high school! This is a modified camp house also, once a part of the Stanolind Camp... entrance was originally on the right face.

Lee wasn't home on this day ... he also had moved away from Rangely with his family, fifty years ago... come to think of it, down Bell Avenue further, the old RHS turned out "not to be home today," either ... but that's another slide show.

You can't see oilfield garages in this view, but River Road out behind Cottonwood was a lot less built up in the spring of 1969...

Visions of Yesterday


Billy Brenton's CD is shown; contains the songs "RANGELY HIGH SCHOOL" (which he wrote and performed), "ODE TO A PLACE..." (which Oil Geek wrote and Billy performed) ... and a number of other songs, some of which further expound on Billy's childhood Rangely memories.

One of these is about a second "Old Cottonwood Tree" that was influential in his memories, as the one on Cottonwood Drive as to me).

That's adult Oil Geek in the picture, not Billy Brenton ... Billy looks a lot better than this old guy does!

A few copies of the CD are still available for sale at the Rangely Outdoor Museum, if you wish to own one.