Solstice Gatherings at The TANK

Solstice Singing

The Solstice Celebrations at The TANK are almost here. In just two days the event kicks off, starting with all-day celebrations, with special guests such as Lois LaFond and Bruce Odland. Kick off your morning in a mystical way as the sun streams through the portal, followed by the Solar Noon Bell at 1:17. If you are unable to make these events, be sure to stop by at sunset (approximately 8:30) to enjoy the Solstice Sunset event. 

Bell Ringing


The Solstice Celebrations will continue after the 21st with georythmic drift music and a concert featuring Ron Miles in honor of Bob Sheets. For a full detailed event list, with times, and additional information, check out our previous blog, here.


Ron Miles Concert


If you want to learn more about The TANK and the events for solstice week as well as the artists be sure to visit