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Older, wiser and in tune: Why seniors should embrace music

Music is associated with multiple cognitive and physical benefits. According to USA Today, just listening to music has been associated with eased physical pain, improved motivation, enhanced blood vessel function and reduced stress in patients of all ages. If you take that a notch further and combine it with even more active pastimes like singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, you can improve outcomes even more and stay sharp well into your senior years.

How do you engage music in your life?

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Seniors: Trips for Traveling the World Safely by Marie Villeza

Your senior years are the perfect time to travel. 99 percent of Baby Boomers plan on taking at least one leisure trip throughout the year with many of them planning on multiple trips. To stay safe and have the best time, invest in travel insurance, share your itinerary with family and friends, and don’t take anything with you that you would cry over if lost or stolen.

Read more about how to prevent mishaps and enhance your trip here!

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