Top 5 Changes to Big Game Hunting In Colorado for 2018

Colorado is synonymous with wildlife, and here in the wild and remote west, we take great pride in the preservation of our public lands and our hunting grounds. We've rounded up 8 of the top changes for 2018  for the big game hunting season in Colorado. You'll know what's what about hunting in the wild west, especially if you're heading into the mountains of Western Slope Colorado. 

Photo by Byron Johnson on Unsplash

Photo by Byron Johnson on Unsplash

Top 5 Changes for Your Big Game Hunting Season in 2018

1. License Applications are paperless. Licenses must be completed online or by calling 1-800-244-5613; Paper applications are no longer available. 

2. Fees are no longer due when you submit the draw application. Unlike previous years you only pay for an application fee (just $3), a 2018 habitat stamp if you haven't purchased one ($10) and the fee will be charged onlyif you get your draw. In the event you don't get your Big Game License of choice you will still be charged for the preference point fee, unless you meet exemption criteria. 

3. Get your head tested. If you are aiming for bucks this 2018 Hunting Season, you will be required to get the head tested in several GMU's. Be sure to reference the 2018 Big Game Brochure for a full list. 


4. Shed Antler/Horn Collecting Closure. Public Lands west of I-25 are closed from Jan 1-April 30 annually except in GMU's 54, 55, 66, 67 and 551. The restriction was placed to protect the Gunnison sage-grouse and reduce stress on big game species such as elk, deer and pronghorn., Read more about the decision here.

5. Youth Outreach Hunting Licenses Valid on Public Land. Youth Deer, elk and pronghorn licenses are available on CPW lands operated for hunting and private lands. 

Check out the digital brochure for other rules and regulations for Colorado Big Game Hunting in 2018.

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