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According to THE REALITY OF RANGELY, the history masterwork by local author Robert Haag, It had been a garage repair business that in 1947 was sold by an Oliver Donecker to Henry Carnes, the "B & M" stood for "Bessie and Me". (Bessie was Carnes' daughter.)

(There are other theories as to what the two initials stood for...)

Do you have any theories?

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Top 3 Colorado State Parks of Western Colorado

Colorado features amazing scenery, outdoor getaways and if in-state, it's barely outside of your backyard. If you are looking for where to go, and what to do, check out our list of the Top 3 Parks of Western Colorado for inspiration!

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Going West: Best Places to Stop on Your Way Through Colorado

While skiing gets the limelight, Colorado offers an amazing variety of places and things to visit throughout the state. One of the best ways to see a wide array of options in Colorado is by car (or OHV, or foot, or bike) and drive through it. This provides the most autonomy and allows travelers to visit elusive and iconic spots on their own schedule. If you are planning a trip through Colorado, use some of these ideas for pit-stops along the way.

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2017 Artists in the Tank

In 2017 there were many artists that visited The TANK. Some only released videos, and some have albums you can listen to or purchase. One particular artists seeks to heal others through her harp music! Be sure to check it out!

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Coal Creek School 125 Celebration

Coal Creek School is celebrating it's 125th Birthday! Take a peek inside this old rural school and imagine what it was like ot be a student attending rural schools in Colorado more than a hundred years ago!

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Walking Tours of Meeker, Colorado

Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials are also hosting the Walking Tours of Meeker, Colorado. 

September is already getting a full line up in Rio Blanco County, so be sure to check out these events and reserve early! 

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