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5 Ways to Get a College Degree Living in a Rural Area

Classes start at our local community college next week... even though we live in the remote and wild west, we a lucky here in Rangely, Colorado to have access to high quality higher education right here in town (and FREE, keep reading!.) There are many advantages to living in a rural area, however, easy access to a college education can often seem like it's not one of them. Compared to cities, rural areas have fewer schools, making it harder to get a secondary education. Even if you don't live in Northwest Colorado, there are actually plenty of options available to you to get a college degree living in a rural area, such as...

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Top Ten Posts of 2017!

In 2017 we published over 200 blog posts on almost every topic relating to Authentic Life in the Wild and Remote West! We've shared daily doings in our neck of the woods, some of our thoughts on important matters (that stoplight!), shared ranching life on Wovoka Ranch and histories on our local oil industry (Thank you Ken Bailey!). 

Here's our TOP TEN posts of 2017 on rural life in Western Colorado. We look forward to researching, writing and sharing even more in 2018! More on Western U.S. History, more on Northwest Colorado, more on the Western Slope, more on small business and entrepreneurship, more on rural industry, more Community Characters, and more about YOU!  For 2018,  Join Us on the Journey...

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Snack Time at the O.K. Corral- Ken Bailey

Did you get a chance to meet Ken Bailey?  Tell us if you did! Those of us at Home on the Rangely enjoyed getting to know our favorite "oil geek" and his brother in person!

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