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Pilots Soaring Our Skies!

The towns of Dinosaur, Rangely, Meeker, Maybell, Hayden and Craig are excited to come together for the Dinosaur 2017 Open Spectacular! Beyond serving as landing zones for the hang-gliders, we’re also offering up fun for everyone on the ground! Check out the full schedule of events!

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Current Issue: The MOM Issue, now online and in mailboxes soon!

Here is the May/June issue, which is all about mothering in the wild west. We're celebrating moms, because whether we are one, have one, or know one, we know moms do some seriously heaving lifting, starting with carrying a bowling ball inside their uterus! Speaking of heavy lifting, turns out that moms happen to comprise most of our production team and many of our advertisers. Don't worry, we're open to diversifying! ;)

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