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Older, wiser and in tune: Why seniors should embrace music

Music is associated with multiple cognitive and physical benefits. According to USA Today, just listening to music has been associated with eased physical pain, improved motivation, enhanced blood vessel function and reduced stress in patients of all ages. If you take that a notch further and combine it with even more active pastimes like singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, you can improve outcomes even more and stay sharp well into your senior years.

How do you engage music in your life?

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Seniors: Trips for Traveling the World Safely by Marie Villeza

Your senior years are the perfect time to travel. 99 percent of Baby Boomers plan on taking at least one leisure trip throughout the year with many of them planning on multiple trips. To stay safe and have the best time, invest in travel insurance, share your itinerary with family and friends, and don’t take anything with you that you would cry over if lost or stolen.

Read more about how to prevent mishaps and enhance your trip here!

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Creating Ambiance, Feeling Like Home

We love our local businesses and sponsors, one of the ones we love to peruse as it gets close to holidays is Sweetbriar, a home decor and gift shop that has many products you just wont find anywhere else. We thought you'd enjoy this excerpt from  Creating Ambiance, Feeling Like Home by Heather Zadra in Home on the Rangely's Volume 2, Issue 2 article.

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Top 5 Changes to Big Game Hunting In Colorado for 2018

The 2018 Hunting Season is just around the corner and we noticed some changes in this year's brochure. From Shed Hunting restrictions, to Youth Licenses, we have the top changes for the 2018 Big Game Hunting Season, so be sure to check it out. License Applications are due April 3rd, 2018, mark your calendar!

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Rangely CNCC Flight Team Going to Nationals!

The CNCC Flight Teams qualified for NIFA Nationals and are trying to fund their goal to attend the competition, give them a hand and click here!! 

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Waving Hands Celebrates 10 Years!

The "Waving Hands Review" has a final deadline of February 15th so be sure to get your submissions in asap!

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Pioneer Brands: Western-Based Businesses Shaking Up Their Industries

The American West has always been a breeding ground for fiercely-independent thinkers and entrepreneurs, from the early trappers and settlers in the Rockies to the California Gold Rush. In the age of free-market capitalism, that independent spirit is alive and well. Here are just a few entrepreneurial ventures that originated in the West and went on to make waves in their respective industries:

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5 Ways to Get a College Degree Living in a Rural Area

Classes start at our local community college next week... even though we live in the remote and wild west, we a lucky here in Rangely, Colorado to have access to high quality higher education right here in town (and FREE, keep reading!.) There are many advantages to living in a rural area, however, easy access to a college education can often seem like it's not one of them. Compared to cities, rural areas have fewer schools, making it harder to get a secondary education. Even if you don't live in Northwest Colorado, there are actually plenty of options available to you to get a college degree living in a rural area, such as...

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Top Ten Posts of 2017!

In 2017 we published over 200 blog posts on almost every topic relating to Authentic Life in the Wild and Remote West! We've shared daily doings in our neck of the woods, some of our thoughts on important matters (that stoplight!), shared ranching life on Wovoka Ranch and histories on our local oil industry (Thank you Ken Bailey!). 

Here's our TOP TEN posts of 2017 on rural life in Western Colorado. We look forward to researching, writing and sharing even more in 2018! More on Western U.S. History, more on Northwest Colorado, more on the Western Slope, more on small business and entrepreneurship, more on rural industry, more Community Characters, and more about YOU!  For 2018,  Join Us on the Journey...

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