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The Story of Billy Bayou by Ken Bailey

This is the earliest of Billy's CD's that I have, recorded back in 1991 -- and perhaps it was his first of all. It is a collection of truckin' songs, which he wrote and performs.

Interestingly, the opening song, titled, "I Am Billy Bayou," may be pretty much autobiographical. It introduces us both to the character on the CD, and as to how the real Billy may have come to have decided to record it in the first place.

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City Park Walkabout Finale

Ken Bailey, our resident oil geek, comic artist, and an all-around cool guy, was with us last fall. We took a virtual walk with him this week and today we wrap it up, with a smattering of new memories and old. Out here in the wild and remote west, we love our little towns with big spaces. There's room to explore and room to grow as Ken Bailey experienced himself. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 before you read this one though!

And be sure to drop us a line about what you miss or remember from your wanderings in rural towns of Western Slope Colorado!

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City Park Walkabout Pt. 2 by Ken Bailey

In a previous post, we took a trip down memory lane with Ken Bailey, our resident oil geek and oil field guru. In August we got to share our time with this fun gentleman, but one evening while here, sleep eluded our friend. We started talking his adventure in this post, but there is still more to tell about his mini-adventure here in the wild and remote west. 

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Summer 2017 Wovoka Ranch Happenings

The Wovoka Ranch family have certainly been busy! take a peek at some of the things they've been doing, watching as their garden explodes with growth, visiting family, and saying goodbye for the summer to their gorgeous, fluffy cows. 

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1-2-3-4 Start your Summer!

The First Weekend in June is jam-packed with fun events, so be sure to kick off your summer in a fun, fabulous, sun soaked way!

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